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Microsoft Word 2016

Microsoft Word 2016 1.0

Microsoft's latest and greatest, with huge compatibility improvements

Microsoft Word 2016 is the word-processing portion of Microsoft's newly updated Microsoft Office suite of productivity programs. It provides several new features and improvements to existing features. Most notably, it allows users to view and edit PDF documents as if they had natively been made in Word itself. 

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  • Tam Kitty

    by Tam Kitty

    very good I like it very much the words can type very beautiful.

  • Juraj Mráz

    by Juraj Mráz

    kompatibilita s PDF dokumentom je prave to co hladam, ak ho ponukate ako free verziu, rad si ju stiahnem... dakujem

  • nika sheshaberidze

    by nika sheshaberidze

    what do you think about Microsoft Word 2016? Do you recommend it? Why?

  • Elias Mpita

    by Elias Mpita

    it has many features and you work well using the microsoft office 16

  • Shane Freeland

    by Shane Freeland

    I think Lark Voorhies must have helped in determining where commas should be placed by the grammar checker - basically after every word in a sentence.


    Good quality standard.It will helps me in doing different kinds of ms office works.

  • Mhadjou Youssouf

    by Mhadjou Youssouf

    it is very great and make the work brilliant and nice.The design of it it can make the work looks so nice.

  • Julius Amozon

    by Julius Amozon

    yes, because this new version of Microsoft word really helps

  • talei finau

    by talei finau

    its fast and very convenient mostly on assignments and tasks..i did recommended it because its one of the favorite files that i would like to see because its so fast.!!!

  • Christiana Lambouri

    by Christiana Lambouri

    it's amazing..

  • Jean Desire Habiyambere

    by Jean Desire Habiyambere

    I better than the last Microsoft words such as word 2013.In this word there is many updated things which help us to do many operation in words

  • Abel Andrew Dimas

    by Abel Andrew Dimas

    Its the best. easy to use, nice user interface, great features. it is unbeatable.

  • Vicky Soriano

    by Vicky Soriano

    It is more accessible.Yes, I will recommend it for better use

  • حسام عبدالله

    by حسام عبدالله

    good application and very usefull good good and ,made me do evry thing

  • niharika agarwal

    by niharika agarwal

    it is really helpful and most of my English assignments are for writing a story or MLA bibliography. in all of this I use the word but a few days ago I changed my laptop so I felt like I don't need to waste my time downloading word again ill just do my project on nite or something else but it totally didn't work out. I think the word is the most useful app for typing. but you know no one is perfec More

  • Diva Vinitha

    by Diva Vinitha

    its is so excellent and its so easy to use for do my college work.

  • Zia Rehman

    by Zia Rehman

    Best new approach of Microsoft team to present a software which is highly efficient and fulfill the latest requirement of any office thanks. Zia ur Rehman

  • Salma Akter

    by Salma Akter

    Its not free at all ,just wastage of time to download it... Its not free at all...full wastage of time to download it..

  • Gerald David Ntumwa

    by Gerald David Ntumwa

    it is nyc for sure. me i think it been the best of all coz it good. Pros: the plagraphing. speed. Cons: nothing. fornts

  • mrityunjay thakur

    by mrityunjay thakur

    Misleading . not free...redirects you to MS Office website-where you need to BUY it. Useless. Wastage of time

  • vartul agnihotri

    by vartul agnihotri

    it is useful it has so many features.... it is very useful... it has so many features. good but how to download. Pros: graphics. more fonts. Cons: nothing

  • by Anonymous

    sehr gut zustemmen. gut und sehr gut sober toll aber hjsdfhgdag gtr tr dr zz z z